Scheduling A Mediation Is Easy

You may request a mediation date using our online scheduling calendar, below.  Your request will be sent via email to our office, with a copy to you.  We will respond via email, confirming your requested mediation date and asking you to provide additional information, such as contact information for counsel.

You may also book a date by calling or emailing our Case Manager at 303-530-2137 or

NOTE:  The above calendar is Mr. Clymer's calendar.       
For Mr. McQuiston's calendar, click here or call or email our office.

FEES & payment details

  • We charge on an hourly basis for our services.  We hold counsel responsible for payment of our services.
  • Unless other arrangements are made, we divide our fee equally between the number of separately represented parties.
  • Our hourly rate is $360 per hour, which includes preparation time, mediation sessions, and time exceeding typical follow up work.
  • There is No Charge for travel time in the Metro area; outside the Metro area, travel time is billed one-way only.
  • We do not charge administrative fees, filing fees, or case management fees.
  • When a scheduled mediation session is cancelled with less than 14 days’ notice, and no replacement matter is able to be scheduled, then a cancellation fee is assessed to cover one-half the time booked (i.e., two hours for one-half day mediations, and four
    hours for full-day mediations).