november 2018: doug's article on "Early Intervention mediation"

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Published in the November 2018 issue of The Colorado Lawyer, Mr. McQuiston’s article “Early Intervention Mediation: A Path to Quicker, Better, Dispute Resolution" explains the Early Intervention Mediation model and analyzes its benefits, including ideas for its application in a hypothetical personal injury case.  Please click here to read Doug’s excellent article and please consider whether “EIM” may have an application in some of your pending cases.

APRIL 2018:

To read an earlier version Doug’s EIM article which was published in DRI, please click here

march 2018:

Doug McQuiston has joined our panel!  See the details here


december 2017:

We now offer "Zero Emission Mediation".  Drive your electric vehicle to our office and plug in to one of the charging stations located at the front of the building. 
Or, we can drive our recently acquired electric vehicle to conduct a mediation at your office!



Why is the Company called "Accord" ADR Group?

“Accord”  comes from the Latin ad (“toward”) + cord (cor) (“heart; mind; judgment”).                       

(verb)  : to bring into agreement : reconcile : to adjust or fit harmoniously
(noun) : agreement; treaty : balanced interrelationship : harmony                     

The above definition is from the Oxford English Dictionary. Researching that required a trip to the library when we founded the business in 1994. (Remember the days before Wikipedia?)

Parties may "Reach Accord with ACCORD" by making informed decisions in the mediation process and by entering into a settlement agreement designed to provide certainty and finality. 

What is your logo?   is it a maze?   a brain?

Thanks for asking.  Actually, while similar to a maze, and though it looks a bit like a brain, the logo is technically considered a labyrinth.  The path to resolution may appear perplexing, but through the process of mediation, resolution can be achieved with the assistance of an experienced mediator.

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