In Arbitration, the parties submit their dispute to a neutral third party--the Arbitrator--who makes final written decisions which resolve the dispute and which are binding upon the parties.  Arbitration is akin to an informal version of court, with the Arbitrator functioning like a judge.  

We arbitrate all disputes (either as the sole arbitrator, or as the neutral on an arbitration panel) including:

  • real estate
  • construction
  • employment
  • UM/UIM claims

We also offer mediation-arbitration ("med-arb") services.  Please contact us for more information on this option.

I have been extremely impressed by Mr. Clymer’s abilities both as an arbitrator and a mediator. Mr. Clymer served as an arbitrator in a residential real estate dispute. This was a highly emotional case, which Mr. Clymer handled with complete professionalism. Despite the fact that the parties came to arbitration with high emotions, Mr. Clymer kept the testimony well in hand, provided the parties a complete opportunity to present all evidence they desired, and promptly issued a thorough, well-reasoned arbitration award.